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Jul 13, 2012
Susan Plonsky for President!
by Michele Brougher

It's been a bit of recovery to ditch the pneumonia, but Road Pixie is back to scheming to do more rides.  She has also become philosophical about how she managed to finish the Cascades.

As a result of these deliberations, it is time to honor one of the great minds in randonneuring today, Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky.

Why should Susan be honored as such?  The reason is simple, she has a sacred gift for picking dates for her rides in which the conditions are so incredi...

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Jun 2, 2012
Grand Canyon 300k Brevet
by Steve Atkins

With Michael's high school graduation, house painting, and floor refinishing behind us, this weekend looked like a great chance to get away for a long ride. The Arizona Randonnuers had a combined 300km/600km event starting in Flagstaff and featuring a tour of the Grand Canyon. With the requisite honey-do chores completed, I signed up for the 300km event. So on Friday after attending a high school graduation party, I loaded up the Mini and headed north to the Flagstaff and the Woodlands Mal...

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Jun 2, 2012
Grand Canyon 300k
by Paul Layton

It's been awhile since I have had such a challenging ride.   There was a lot of factors that added to the difficulty of this ride for me.  Due to having to go back to the house for a forgotten tire pump and a detour getting out of town and various other family issues I ended up with 3 hours of sleep Friday night and would end up hurrying out of the lot after the group as I saw them leaving the lot out of the corner of my eye at the start line.  I ended up forgetting my rearv...

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