♦ Thanks to all who came out to join us on out Gila Monster 300k. The weather could not have been better! Preliminary RESULTS are now posted. Final results will be submitted Feb. 8th. Please let Carlton know if there are any changes.

♦ Steve Atkins has updated his blog with a Saguaro Ride report. Check it out here: Saguaro Lake 200km Brevet

♦ Registration is now open for EoP 200k, Gila Monster 300k, Around the Bend 400k and Scorpion 600k.

♦ Stay tuned for additional brevets to be added to the calendar on our 600k weekend ...

♦ Added links to PAC Tour (Sierra Vista, AZ) brevets below.

♦ Have a Blog or report of one of our rides? Let me know and I'll link it or post it here!

Upcoming Brevets in the Four Corner States



Date Click for details Dist Notes
1/7/2017 Saguaro Lake 200k  200k 1
1/7/2017 Saguaro Lake 100k  100k 1
1/21/2017 End of Pavement 200k 2
2/4/2017 Gila Monster 300k 1
2/25/2017 Circling Tucson 200k 3
3/4/2017 Around the Bend 400k 1
3/7/2017 Sierra Vista - Nogales 200k 3
3/11/2017 Circling Tucson 200k 3
3/21/2017 Sierra Vista - Nogales 200k 3
3/25/2017 Circling Tucson 200k 3
4/8/2017 Scorpion 600k 1
4/8/2017 200k, 300k, 400k TBD   1
4/9/2017 200k TBD 200k 2
5/13/2017 Northern AZ 200k 200k 4
6/17/2017 Northern AZ 300k 300k 4
8/12/2017 Northern AZ 400k 400k 4
9/9/2017 Northern AZ 600k 600k 4


1: "Main Series" - Brevets will have food, drink & support volunteers at some of the controls. Also vehicle support for a couple bikes/riders if needed.
2: "Zero Support Series" - Brevets will not have any volunteer support. You will need to be responsible for your own nutrition and transportation plans (no SAG vehicle if you DNF)
3: "PAC Tour Series" - Brevets are being developed by PAC Tour.
4: "North Arizona Series" - Support for these brevets are TBD


















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  • Ask question about AZ brevets

For questions about the Brevets please contact the RBA.
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Next up:  Mar 4, 2017
Around the Bend 400k
From Casa Grande the route travels in a clockwise direction circling much of the Salt/Gila River Valley, including traveling along most of the length of the Valley of the Sun. This is done on roads that generally only skirt the southern reaches of the cities of the Valley, which together comprise the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Much of the first half of the route is across desert and reservation land. The second half is primarily farm land. The roads were chosen to minimize traffic and stop lights and many are formerly key roads that have been superseded by Interstate and highways, leaving them more enjoyable for cyclists.

Need a break from your basement rollers or your snow blower? Come join us for a nice ride through the desert southwest. If you thought Florida was flat, wait until you ride this one!

Registration, maps, and more information may be found here.


Gila Bend - It's a Hoot!

Desert meets Reservation meets Suburbia