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♦ Preliminary RESULTS are now available for the Saguaro 100k and 200k events. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the unique conditions in the desert!

♦ Registration is now open for Around the Bend 400k and our NEW Scorpion 600k!

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Upcoming Brevets in the Four Corner States



Date Click for details Dist Notes
1/9/2016 Saguaro Lake 200k  200k 1
1/9/2016 Saguaro Lake 100k  100k 1
2/6/2016 Vulture Mine 300k 2
3/2/2016 PAC Tour 200k 3
3/5/2016 Around the Bend 400k 2
3/16/2016 PAC Tour 200k 3
4/16/2016 Scorpion 600k 600k 2
5/21/2016 Northern AZ 200k 200k 4
6/18/2016 Northern AZ 300k 300k 4
8/20/2016 Northern AZ 400k 400k 4
9/17/2016 Northern AZ 600k 600k 4
October TBD    
November TBD    
December TBD    


1: "Main Series" - Brevets will have food, drink & support volunteers at some of the controls. Also vehicle support for a couple bikes/riders if needed.
2: "Zero Support Series" - Brevets will not have any volunteer support. You will need to be responsible for your own nutrition and transportation plans (no SAG vehicle if you DNF)
3: "PAC Tour Series" - Brevets are being developed by PAC Tour.
4: "North Arizona Series" - Support for these brevets are TBD















♦ 4/16/2016: Taste of Carolina

♦ 5/11/2016: Texas Rando Stampede

♦ 6/17/2016: Cascade 1200

♦ 7/11/2016: Colorado High Country

♦ 10/6/2016: Taste of Carolina

♦ 10/13/2016: Cracker Swamp 1200



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Next up: Feb 6th
Vulture Mine 300k
This is a "figure 8" route which stays predominantly in the far west valley. You'll start by making your way across Phoenix on your way to the first control. Once you leave this control, you will be heading out into the wide open spaces of Arizona. There will be very little to slow you down for about the next 130 miles! There will be no climbs to worry about. You will ride through a couple areas where you will find civilization, but it will mostly be you, your bicycle, and the desert.

Between miles 65-150, you will probably wonder why the roads were even built. They seem to be roads to nowhere. This segment will be on the namesake Vulture Mine Road. This is a hidden treasure. It is nearly deserted most of the time and will offer some nice views of the desert and some colorful formations near the Vulture Mine.

Come join us, won't you?

Details may be found HERE

Vulture Mine

The Vulture Mine