♦ Arizona introduces a new riding area to our great state - The Mountains. We have the deserts for "winter" riding and now we have the mountains for spring and summer riding. Our new Northern AZ RBA, John Ingold, will be your host.

♦ Northern AZ Brevet information posted and registrations are open. Come enjoy AZ in the summer!

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Upcoming Brevets in the Four Corner States



Date Click for details Dist Notes
1/3/2015 Saguaro Lake 200k  200k 1
1/3/2015 Saguaro Lake 100k  100k 1
1/17/2015 End of Pavement 200k 2
1/31/2015 Gila Monster 300k 1
2/14/2015 Vulture Mine 300k 2
2/21/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 200k 200k 3
2/28/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 200k 200k 3
3/7/2015 Around the Bend 400k 1
3/7/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 200k 200k 3
3/14/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 200k 200k 3
3/21/2015 Arivaca 400k 2
3/21/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 200k 200k 3
3/29/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 300k 300k 3
3/31/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 400k 400k 3
4/3/2015 PAC Tour Tucson 600k 600k 3
5/16/2015 Mingus Mountain 200k 4
5/30/2015 Grand Canyon 600k 1
6/13/2015 Loop De Leupp 300k 4
7/18/2015 High Country 400k 4
11/7/2015 Heart of Arizona 200k 1
1: "Main Series" - Brevets will have food, drink & support volunteers at some of the controls. Also vehicle support for a couple bikes/riders if needed.
2: "Zero Support Series" - Brevets will not have any volunteer support. You will need to be responsible for your own nutrition and transportation plans (no SAG vehicle if you DNF)
3: "PAC Tour Series" - Brevets are being developed by Mark Thomas and PAC Tour. Pre Registration REQUIRED. Registration ends 3 days prior to the event date.
4: "North Arizona Series" - Support for these brevets are TBD















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May 16: Mingus Mountain 200k

Our first Northern AZ Brevet of the year will have you spellbound with the beauty of the area. It features dramatic Sedona Red Rocks to forested Mingus Mountain summit over and back via scenic roads.

This challenging ride starts and ends at the west side of Sedona, AZ, at approx. 4500 ft. As billed, the route goes over and back up Mingus Mountain thru the historic mining town of Jerome (approx. 7000 ft). Along the way, riders will descend to the Verde River Valley in Cottonwood (3300 ft) towards the turnaround in Dewey/Prescott Valley (4800 ft). Riders will be rewarded with a big roller coaster ride thru Red Rock country, a seldom visited section of Oak Creek (thru Page Springs and Cornville), Jerome's unique art and architecture, and plenty of dramatic views. Climbing is approx. 9,000 ft on mainly secondary roads and highways. Mountain descents are included out and back.

Mingus Mountain 200k pre ride report HERE.
Click HERE for all the details and to register.

Cathedral Rocks in Sedona

Cathedral Rocks - Sedona, AZ