Donald Boothby at the Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy Mike Sturgill.


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Grand Canyon
300 km Brevet

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Date:  Saturday, June 2, 2012

Distance: 190 miles

Start Time: 5:00 AM
There will be a mass start at 5 AM and announcements and time for questions at 4:45.
Start Location: Motel 6, Flagstaff (Get directions)

Time Limit: 20 hours

Sunrise:  5:12 AM
Sunset:  7:37 PM
Moonrise:  7:46 AM Saturday, Moon is only 9% illuminated
Moonset:  10:11 PM Saturday

Cost: $30 All riders must pre-register. There is no day-of-event registration.

ACP sanctioned.


The 300k brevet is a loop which starts in Flagstaff and goes to the Grand Canyon in a clockwise direction before returning to Flagstaff.

Terrain: The 300k and the first loop of the 600k are strongly rolling.

Directions to the start

Location: Motel 6, Flagstaff

Address: Motel 6, Woodlands Village Mall, S. Woodlands Village Blvd, Flagstaff



Route Map

View  on line map here

Cue sheets will be handed out at the start of each event. Copies are provided here for planning purposes. Make sure you use the cue sheets provided on the morning of the ride. They will be the most up to date.

Download cue sheet (xls)

Elevation Profile

Total elevation gain for the 300k is 9,400 feet.


Lights: Required. There will be a light inspection at check-in to verify front and rear lights are working and are sufficient for night riding. Also required are reflective vest or sash and ankle reflectors.


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